dsyon 4000
How it Works


Men around the world have used dsyon 4000™ to elongate their penis and improve their sex lives. We would like to share the success stories of a few very special clients.

"I had always been the butt of locker room jokes because of my small penis. Even the guys in my close circle of friends used to tease me. I finally got tired of the jokes and decided to try dsyon 4000™. The results were even better than I expected. After a few months, I started to notice that my penis had grown at least an inch. The growth remained even when flaccid. I have been consistently using dsyon 4000™ at night and now, I’m no longer embarrassed to take a shower at the gym. My sex life has gone through the roof too!"
Mark S., 22 – Denver, CO

"A very close friend of mine came across your website and recommended the dsyon 4000™ for my husband. We’ve been married for 10 years and we had problems in the bedroom since day one. I love him to death but our sex life was terrible. His penis wasn’t big enough to reach the most sensitive parts of my vagina and he just didn’t last very long. Well after he started using the dsyon 4000™, I could feel the difference. He gave me my first orgasm in 10 years and we’re both so happy with his more robust penis." 
Rose M., 32 – Los Angeles, CA

 "As I got older, I noticed that my penis was changing. My erections seemed smaller and I had such little stamina. These problems made it so that I had no desire for sex. I did not feel comfortable talking about it with anyone. But I saw an ad dsyon 4000™ in a magazine. I ordered the device and it came very quickly. It has been two months later and I get hard just like I did 40 years ago."
Bryan L., 64 – Princeton, NJ

 "I have a successful career, great friends, and own my own home. My sex life was the only area where I was lacking. I knew that I wasn’t satisfying my girlfriend in bed. My penis was on the smaller side and I wasn’t able to get hard like I used to. That's all changed! Thanks dsyon Labs!" — James G., 32

"I was ready to try anything to make sex with James better. When he told me that he was going to use this apparatus I thought it was strange, I was a bit skeptical. But once I started to see the results, I became a believer. Now his penis feels so much bigger when he’s inside me. Best of all, we have sex all the time—and it’s really good sex too." – Andrea G., 26

If you would like to share your own dsyon 4000™ success story, please write to us at testimonials@dsyon.com



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